data ⋅ math ⋅ smart ideas

Model and design

We help domain experts to model business processes, physical machines and complex systems.

We work with companies in many sectors, such as engineering, logistics, financial, design... With a curious mind, we stay open for new collaborations.

Solve, calibrate and optimize

Using data, algorithms and high performance computing we calibrate and solve the resulting models and predict the future behaviour of the system.

New opportunities are created through optimization to reduce costs, increase performance and give insight.

Accelerate and scale

We accelerate and scale to extremely large data sets and models.

We design and develop software by writing resilient and parallel code on large and small scale clouds and push CPU / GPU accelerator hardware to the limits.

Integrate and Interact

The resulting solutions are integrated with existing platforms or business processes. They interact through APIs with front-end and other applications.

We deliver end-to-end integrated business software solutions and help domain experts to create full stack solutions.